Host A House Chat

Come for the cocktails, stay for the PS Smarts!

House chats work like this:

If you gather 4 or more friends, I can come and do a 90 minute private session in the comfort of one of your homes that is personally catered to the group’s specific public school needs, with plenty of time for your burning individual questions. The price is a little more than the cost of one of my general seminars, but it is custom tailored to the group’s needs(think semi-private consultation) and I come to you. **You can make it fun by serving drinks and snacks, and the whole atmosphere can be lightened by learning among friends. (Clink.)

Great for StrollerMoms, KinderMoms, MiddleSchoolManiaMoms, and most recently due to shrinking incomes, GetMeOutOfPrivateSchoolNow!Moms.

The more friends you gather, the more cost-effective it gets. Price breakdown is as follows:

4 friends – $37.50 ea
5-6 friends – $35.00 ea
7-8 friends – $32.00 ea
9-10 friends – $30.00 ea
11-12 friends – $27.50 ea

Anything over 12 people would be considered a group rate and we can talk about specifics to accommodate your group.

If this sounds like a plan for you, the best way to proceed is to check with your group and find out what times work best for everyone…a mid-week evening, or weekend afternoon, or lunch hour during the week, and also how soon you are looking to schedule an event. Then email me atGoMama@mac.com and we can start to narrow down specific dates that work for everybody. Not limited to the Westside.

Thanks for inquiring! Cheers!

House Chats successfully thrown in Venice, Mar Vista, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Culver City, Pico-LaBrea, Hancock Park, Larchmont…and spreading!